Our offer

We create dining tables, coffee tables and side tables, cabinets and shelves, clocks and ornaments made of natural wood based on steel frames. Each of our products is the result of an individual project created in accordance with the Client’s order. We use the wonderful material which is wood – it allows us to infuse each of our projects with a unique character of naturalism and freshness. The base of our furniture is a powder-coated steel frame, which we design and manufacture according to the Client’s needs.

None of our products are mass-produced, but we are able to create a series that will be perfect for a restaurant or office.

In addition, we offer an unprecedented combination of techniques that allow us to achieve an effect that leaves no one indifferent, and also gives companies an additional field in terms of branding their surroundings – offices or premises.

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Pouring resin

A true shape imagination

Epoxy resin is a material with very high durability, both chemical and mechanical. Even though it is very demanding to use, it is worth taking the challenge to achieve incredible results and shapes.


Mechanical shape accuracy

Vector milling allows us to place an inscription on wood as well as recreate the shape and logo of the company. The cutter flooded with epoxy resin is a supplement that significantly enriches the design and sets it apart from other, similar ones.

This form of customization makes such a table or clock totally perfect for a company or as an unforgettable gift.


Your project, your inscription

Laser engraving on the surface of wood allows you to create patterns with high accuracy. It is perfect for placing detailed graphics, logos and inscriptions – with dedication, moral, wishes or any other.

Wood and steel furniture

Seemingly only furniture, and yet something more

We create tables, coffee and auxiliary tables, shelves, cabinets, and many other items of equipment on special request. We treat each project individually and with commitment, trying to match our product to the available space and the needs of the Customer.