Furniture made
exclusively n Poland.
Created with passion.

MyMetal Nest

is a Company founded out of passion for creating exceptional and unique things. Each of our projects is a product of manual and our own ingenuity. Each product is created specifically for you, so it can reflect your character.

Let us tell you more about ourselves.

What do we do?

You could simply say: furniture. But we feel that it does not fully reflect the spirit of what we are creating. We make different-sized tables, shelves and cabinets, and many more pieces of furniture, using natural wood and steel, which is a solid frame and the basis of our products.

However, we did not stop there but looked for further opportunities. We have expanded our services to include milling, engraving, plotting and epoxy resin pouring. Such wide possibilities allow us to create something that is more than just the sum of its ingredients, like steel and wood.

Check what exceptional combinations of techniques we are using.

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Handmade wooden furniture on steel frames

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Laser engraving, milling graphics, signs and inscriptions

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Unique furniture with resin-filled worktops

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Timber and steel clocks

Our projects

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Are you an interior Designer?
Let’s talk
about cooperation!

We are aware of the importance of being able to adjust the interior to the Designer’s intention, and custom-made furniture is perfect to accomplish this. Dimensions, colors, assembly details, and even important parts of the product configuration – we can change all this, as while being a direct contractor, we have influence during all stages of production. Owing to this, we can perfectly match our work to your idea.

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