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Are you a Designer or interior Designer?
Let’s talk about cooperation!

We are aware of the importance of being able to adjust the interior to the Designer’s intention, and custom-made furniture is perfect to accomplish this. Dimensions, colors, assembly details, and even important parts of the product configuration – we can change all this, as while being a direct contractor, we have influence during all stages of production. Owing to this, we can perfectly match our work to your idea.

We implement projects
from the idea
to the end result.

We all know how important it is to be able to see a product before buying it. Of course, it becomes much more difficult if it does not already exist. At MyMetal Nest, we focus on clear communication and open contact with the Client. That is why we endeavour to ensure that the Ordering Party can have constant impact on the appearance of their home, company or premises, being able to see what will be created for them. That is why we create a 3D design for each order that can be included in the design and visualization for the Customer.

We will be delighted to provide the necessary projects, and if necessary – we will create new ones, in line with the guidelines. As a result, the readability of the implementation is at the highest level, and the receives exactly what he expected.

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Terms of cooperation

We are people action-oriented, we approach each order and inquiry individually, the same goes with each contact. If you are looking for professional service, someone who will create a product specifically for you, then you are looking for us. If you are a Designer who has high expectations and appreciates a high-quality handcrafted product, we are looking for you. Contact us to begin mutual cooperation.

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