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MyMetal Nest

is a company founded out of passion for creating exceptional and unique things. Each of our projects is a product of manual and our own ingenuity. Each product is created specifically for you, so it can reflect your character.

Who we are?

We are a group of people with many years of experience in creative industries, covering a wide range of knowledge and skills, which allows us to deal with the project from beginning to end, from sketching an idea on a piece of paper, through the whole project, to the final touches. The wide spectrum of our knowledge also gives us the opportunity to combine techniques from many fields, owing to which we create different-sized tables, shelves, cabinets, clocks and many other pieces of funiture with a truly unique character.

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What makes us stand out?

Furniture, decorations and equipment made by us are a combination of classic materials – wood and steel. From such basic raw materials we extract their inner beauty and brilliance. We use natural wood, which already makes each of our products unique and exceptional. Every piece of the created work passes through our hands and we have a direct impact on every detail of the product.

In addition, we go further and aim higher, offering unprecedented add-ons and services. Our knowledge and facilities allow us to enrich the product with resin pouring, vector milling, placing graphics, logos or inscriptions in 2D and 3D or laser engraving. What do these techniques look like in practice?